Roland Jupiter-80 Updated With Three New Filters, Effects

Roland Jupiter 80 updateMusikmesse 2012: Roland has announced a software update to the Jupiter-80 keyboard.

Here’s what’s new in the Jupiter-80 Version 2:

  • Three types of low-pass filters; combined with the previous type, a total of four filters are now available
  • New MFX structures; in addition to the previous parallel connection, a total of five structures (including serial connection) are available
  • A Registration Play screen for easier access to sounds during live performance
  • Better integration with SONAR software; a dedicated plug-in for your computer lets you easily map the JUPITER-80 to control SONAR’s faders and soft synths

Details below.

Here’s a video demo of the new Jupiter-80 OS, via Dan Krishner:

YouTube Preview Image

Three Vintage Low-Pass Filters

The filter section is one the most important tool kits for editing SuperNATURAL synth tones. Version 2 adds three types of vintage low-pass filters to the lineup. With the addition of these filters, each with unique cutoff and resonance behaviors, you can recreate coveted synthesizer sounds of the past.

New MFX Structures

The previous MFX section allowed only parallel connection of the four effects for one Live Set, but with Version 2 you can select MFX structures that let you place up to four effects in series. By using these five MFX structures, you can take full advantage of the JUPITER-80’s powerful collection of effects to create intense sounds and intricate synth textures.

New Registration Play Screen

The new Registration Play screen provides easier access to your sounds during live performance. You can see all eight Registrations in a bank at a glance, and select them directly via the touch screen.

Improved SONAR Integration

The Version 2 update offers smoother integration with SONAR software. A dedicated plug-in for your computer lets you easily map the JUPITER-80 to control SONAR’s faders and soft synths.

2 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-80 Updated With Three New Filters, Effects

  1. Interesting news with the new filter types… but again, it`s resolution still pretty bad (0-127)! This is why I’m turning my eyes into analog synths…

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  2. Maybe one day Roland will make a decent analogue synth again, but until that day we’ll have to put up with these horrendous VA monstrosities.

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