Tom Oberheim Intros $3495 Two Voice Pro Synthesizer

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer

Synth pioneer Tom Oberheim has announced the Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer, a modern recreation of the 1975 classic.

Oberheim says “It is similar to the original from 1975, but with some very interesting upgrades.”


  • Mini-Sequencer is enhanced – you still generate a sequence with the knobs ( up to 16 positions ) but you can store sequences from the knobs into flash memory (up to 99 sequences stored)
  • Two sequences can be played simultaneously (or play one sequence while also playing on the keyboard, like the old one)
  • After sequences are stored in flash memory, you can edit them to add 2-way, 3-way or 4-way ratcheting and you can program the gate length from zero (like a rest) up to almost the complete step length
  • Sequences can be chained into songs, and each step in a song can be programmed for sequence number, transpose amount and number of repeats
  • Sequencer syncs to Midi Clock
  • Keyboard outputs velocity and pressure
  • Each module (both SEMs, Mini-Sequencer, Keyboard Control) has mini-jack patch points (over 50 patchpoints)
  • Pitch and Modulation wheels
  • Pan pots
  • Headphone output
  • Separate Vibrato LFO

The Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer is expected to be available in June, priced at $3495.

20 thoughts on “Tom Oberheim Intros $3495 Two Voice Pro Synthesizer

  1. That was what the Four-Voice was supposed to cost. I guess that’ll be much more if it’s ever made then, damn. I wish there was an initiative to mass-produce these and the Four-Voice’s like the MiniBrute is doing. Then they’d be like $2000 and every store in the world would sell five a week.

  2. This is what everyone on synthtopia wants, right? A recreation of a synth from the 1970s with the same sound and (mostly) the same features, at what is probably comparable to the original list price? 😉

    I kind of wish he’d bring back the MSR-2.

    1. Cars from the 50s were pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind if they brought those back. Too bad we can’t synthesize a reality just choosing all the cool things from various decades.

      1. I’m sure it has a lot to do with it. The success of stuff like the Mopho, Minitaur and (soon) Minibrute seem to indicate that <$1K is the sweet spot at the moment. I don't even necessarily think that the price on this (or on a Voyager XL) make them bad values — I just don't know how many people can drop $3.5 – $5K on a synth given the shitty state of the economy.

      2. I’m sure this is worth every penny, but it also demonstrates why clamoring for a real analog CS-80 or Jupiter-8 is hugely unrealistic. If a well-appointed 2-voice analog synth is $3495, what do think the tag would be on an 8-voice instrument? When $3495 will buy you any one of several variations on a full production rig, it draws a solid line. This thing is sweet for sure, but stand-alone SEMs will be Tom’s bread and butter.

  3. I’m so glad to see Oberheim making synths. These were always my favorite. The Matrix-6 was a total workhorse and will always hold a top spot for me.

  4. LOL !!!

    I just did a girl scream !!!!!


    This is great news……Second job to afford it….here I come !!!!! Please hire me now !

  5. I love the tolex, but I don’t see a handle. Better hope your latches are secure or bye, bye pretty Two-Voice Pro and you’re left with the lid in your hand… 🙂

  6. It looks GREAT!..Hope it sounds as great too as I have an original TVS-1A (ex-Edgar Froese) that I bought restored in 2003 & still use on gigs.
    I worked out that if I sell it, I could probably afford two of the new ones!…Tempting.
    The (old) 2-voice is a fantastic “engine-room” for live impro but have to say the new 2-voice sequencer looks like a far better proposition for live-twiddling.The old TVS has stacked double-pots that are a bit fiddly to adjust live and there is no (installed) clock-in or Seq CV/Gate Outs.
    Also, I wonder whether or not the new 2-Voice VCFs will self-oscillate as the old versions do not unless you fire a signal through them.
    I like the idea of the extra ‘global’ LFO too and the addition of Moog-style Pitch & Mod wheels.

    Good Luck with this project Tom!

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