Native Instruments Announces Traktor Updates & Price Cuts, aka ‘Traktor Remixed’

Native Instruments has announced some big changes to its Traktor DJ software line, to coincide with the May 30th release date of both Traktor Pro 2.5 and Traktor Kontrol F1. 

Here’s what NI has planned for Traktor:

  • Free updates for Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Duo 2 users – All users will receive a free update to the latest Pro 2.5 software as soon as it is available. The updated software version introduces Remix Decks, which allow DJs to remix and rearrange tracks before and during their actual performance.
  • Traktor Pro 2 software now comes free with all Traktor hardware – every Traktor hardware item now comes with the latest full Traktor Pro 2 version free of charge, which can then be updated to Pro 2.5 on its release. This applies to all Traktor audio interfaces, controllers and scratch systems. That makes Traktor Pro more affordable than ever. Traktor Pro 2 previously sold for $229/199 EUR and is now available with the Traktor Audio 2 interface for $119/99 EUR.
  • Special upgrade offer for old Traktor versions – Owners of software-only versions can update to the latest version for $44,50/39,50 EUR until April 30th, 2012.
  • Price cuts – This “remix” of the Traktor range brings price cuts for a number of products. Traktor Pro 2 software can now be purchased at the NI Online Shop for $89/79 EUR (previously $229/199 EUR), while Traktor Kontrol S2 now costs $559/499 EUR. Traktor Scratch A10 is now available for $559/449 EUR. Similarly, Traktor Scratch A6 can now be purchased for $339/229 EUR.

NI is clearly trying to make Traktor a more competitve offering.

What do you think of Native’s announcements for the Traktor platform?

3 thoughts on “Native Instruments Announces Traktor Updates & Price Cuts, aka ‘Traktor Remixed’

  1. I think this is the first indication that this market has saturated and won’t grow much more. From now on it will be battles for the existing consumer base using features and price advantages.

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