Controlling A 4-Story Pipe Organ WIth The Kinect

Developer/producer Chris Vik explains a new work, Carpe Zythum, in which he uses a Microsoft Kinect to conduct a MIDI performance:

I’ve created my own software “Kinectar“, which allows the use of the Kinect to control MIDI devices, ie. playing notes through simple gestures and motion.

The Melbourne Town Hall Organ got a referb in the late 90s adding the ability of MIDI messages to active the notes… and so, this happened.

The Kinectar Performance Platform is a toolkit that allows you to use your Microsoft Kinect sensor as a fully-fledged MIDI controller.

Key Features:

  • Movement Tracking UI allows manipulation of the Kinect’s human tracking capabilities, displaying all relevant data extracted from the hands location in 3d-space
  • Instrument Builder lets the user build virtual ‘instruments’ by outputting MIDI notes in three modes:
    • Static – Produces a single note value. Useful for drum triggers, turning on/off effects within a DAW or feed that trigger into Kinectar to switch between presets using your gesture
    • Solo – Do sweeping solos by selecting from over 40 musical scale presets or click the notes on the UI to make your own
    • Chord – Create a progression of up to 8 chords per preset to play live
  • Global Flags lets you turn on/off Kinectar’s instruments using a MIDI note sent from your DAW, external MIDI controller or Kinectar itself
  • MIDI Preset Control lets you switch between Kinectar’s presets and instruments using a single MIDI note
  • Value Editor enables many more MIDI/OSC outputs, for controlling device values
  • Visual Metronome popout window sits on top of all programs to make it easy to see if you’re in-time when the music gets messy

3 thoughts on “Controlling A 4-Story Pipe Organ WIth The Kinect

  1. Too bad, Microsoft has already been banned by our performances for unreliability. We’ll stick with Apple and/or Roland as they have shown to be more reliable over the years.

    1. Because an article about a hobbyist/DIY project is the best place to bash a company you hate.
      Maybe you should start your own blog, where you could bash on Microsoft everyday, for every reasons, maybe you’d become successful .. just saying.

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