Turntable Rider Turns BMX Bike Into A DJ Controller

The bicycle sharing service COGOO has developed Turntable Rider – described as “the world’s first attached device for bicycles which converts a bicycle into DJ turntable.”

In other words – they created a bike-controlled DJ controller.

Not the most practical music controller ever – but it’s creative!

Seizure Alert: Reader David wrote in warning that he had a seizure while watching this video. We have no way of knowing if this video is likely to trigger seizures, so consider yourselves warned.

Here’s the making of video:

13 thoughts on “Turntable Rider Turns BMX Bike Into A DJ Controller

  1. Tasty. This type o’ thing could work so well with so many other sports, Rodney Mullen(Skateboarder) beat juggling with 360Flips..  or freerunners with accelerometers controlling filter cutoff they fall through the air, dropping the beat when they land..  Yeah.  It’s like reverse synchronized swimming.. Could be a revelation, Nike did that thing for the Ipod that has a separate sensor, why not more sensors? It could revolutionise personal excercise!

  2. Bah humbug, we got people being killed all over the planet and some twat invents another toy for kids to further inflame their ego? Go spend that money on piano lessons and use the rest for humanitarian purposes

  3. This is very cool. Being a mountain biker, it really fires my mind up considering the possibilities. Bike riding would translate very differently into music. You have to consider what you’re doing a fair bit in advance, and the ability to do things in time with music as you compose on the fly while riding proficiently would be impressive indeed… lends a very new dimension to music, as far as I’m concerned.

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