Howard Jones Live Rig (Behind The Scenes)

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Here’s a great behind the scenes look at the live rig used for Howard Jones‘ Humans Lib / Dream Into Action Tour, via sonicstate.

Musical director Robbie Bronniman and percussionist Jonathan Atkinson give a tour of the gear and how it’s configured for the tour.

4 thoughts on “Howard Jones Live Rig (Behind The Scenes)

  1. What’s amazing is that this is largely a home/bedroom studio on stage.
    I mean, MacBook Pro, Ableton Live, iPad/Lemur, Mainstage, I think I’ve seen this stuff before!
    In 2012 that’s about all you need to make your own synth-pop (or other) album!
    Interesting that he replaced his real Jupiter with the Arturia emulation.

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    • Arturia’s Jupiter doesn’t get stuck keys or any of the hardware breakdown issues the real ventage analog ones get… As he said they went through 3 befor settling on the softsynth. Also, I doubt even 1 in 10 fans at the show know the difference

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