Korg Monotribe Road Test

Dubspot Instructor, DJ and producer Abe Duque takes a look at the Korg Monotribe and shares his thoughts on using it, in and out of the studio.

On a recent gig in Moscow, Duque added the Monotribe to his live setup, using it to cue in patterns on the fly during his set. Duque share his experiences and then offers a detailed overview of the Monotribe and a walk-through on how to update the OS.

via DubSpot

9 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe Road Test

  1. Check out this video from Black Bananas they have a monotribe on stage, although I don’t think they use it in that song. It’s on the table at 25 seconds mark:


    However it sounds like it might have used in this song in that synth solo type thing at the beginning that starts at 20 seconds in:

  2. ya man, that’s the deal. That’d be rad, bumpin some minimal fresh techno. Wireless mic’s, Iphone’s and whatever….

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