2 thoughts on “New Music Gadgets, Propellerhead Figure On Latest Sonic Touch

  1. the lack of save function in figure is just plain obtuse. don´t care if it´s 99c of free.
    is surely a clever strategy. develop a barebone app and get a cash flow in, then develop it more.

    only thing i hate on ipad is this whole circle where one has to follow the development from scratch and always deal with shortcomings.

    love sonictouch and nick.

  2. The demonstration is slightly hazy on a couple of points…

    #1 big downside: The loop is ridiculously short, a single 16-step bar.
    Doesn’t matter how long you record, only the last bar sticks.

    #1 cool thing: You actually tweak synth patches, you’re actually just recording automation.
    This means you can record just one param over what’s already been done. The tweaks can be recorded one by one, or all together.

    #2 bad: Not very responsive. You can’t lower tempo and do a double-time drum beat for instance, it will skip hits.

    #2 cool (or maybe #1 shared): The sound is actually good. The only app making a sound I’d consider recording before is Animoog, and this easily matches for quality, even if it’s also limited – the 47 bass sounds are samey, as if they’re actually just 15-20 patches with some different settings on params that we DON’T get to control via “tweaks”

    You can do some different sounds, but you can’t get it to sound any different from anybody else playing it.

    For 99c it’s fun for about as long as 99c of candy will last you. And about as useful…

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