Handmade Sounds Intros Bouzouki 8-String Acoustic Sample Library

Developer Dimitris Plagiannis sent word about Bouzouki 8-String Acoustic -a new virtual instrument from Handmade Sounds that they describe as ‘the most realistic virtual bouzouki ever made’.

Bouzouki 8-String Acoustic Details

Bouzouki 8-string Acoustic is a Greek bouzouki sample library for Kontakt which captures the unique sound of the bouzouki and simulates a realistic playing technique.

The library is comprised of 1500+ 24-bit samples and a single Kontakt instrument patch. Note on and release samples were recorded chromatically, at soft, medium and hard velocities, down and up strokes, hammer-on, pull-off, slide and tremolo articulations. There are also multiple takes for customary major, minor and diminished chords and multiple noise samples including body resonance, fret and pick noises.

Extensive scripting has gone into the patch. This script simulates real playing by processing the velocity, speed and legato of the played notes and applying a number of rules that affect the final sound, e.g. appropriately positioning the notes on the correct fret and course, muting strings where needed, micro-tuning and fading sample attacks, and more. Additionally, there are 12 key switches that allow full manual control of course/fret positioning and articulation.

Here’s a demo of Bouzouki 8-String Acoustic in action:


  • 1547 24-bit/44.1-kHz, full-length samples (no loops other than tremolo articulation).
  • Chromatically sampled; all 27 fret positions, all 4 courses.
  • Soft, medium, hard velocity levels for each note.
  • Alternating down/up strokes for each velocity level.
  • Sustained, Hammer-On, Pull-Off, Tremolo and Slide articulations, all chromatically sampled.
  • 1, 2 and 3 semitone Hammer-On and Pull-Off samples per note.
  • Sampled major, minor and diminished chords, with all customary inversions.
  • Realistic playing noises layered at adjustable levels.
  • Automatic or manual control of course/fret positioning, articulation and up/down stroke.
  • Adjustable thresholds for fast/slow auto-positioning, fast/slow picking, forced down-stroke.
  • Mono/Poly voice modes, for solo or polyphonic playing (4-voice max, one per course).
  • Real-time fretboard display of the note position/articulation for precise control.
  • Pitch-bend wheel triggered slides.
  • Velocity controlled slide duration.
  • Basic effects suite (EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Limiter) in user interface.

Bouzouki 8-string Acoustic is available now as a download for 49 EUR.


  • Kontakt v4.1.1 or higher (full retail version) is required.

6 thoughts on “Handmade Sounds Intros Bouzouki 8-String Acoustic Sample Library

  1. Finally, a GOOD bouzouki library! We’ve all been making-do with such mundane bouzouki sounds for so long.

    Now, thank heavens, when we re-create the Monty Python Cheese Shop bit we can have some authentic bouzouki sounds for the dancers in the background.

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