New ADDAC804 Audio Integrator Connects iPad, iPhone To Your Modular Synth

ADDAC Systems has posted a teaser for a new Eurorack module, the ADDAC804 Audio Integrator, designed to help integrate iOS devices into your modular synthesizer.

The Audio Integrator lets you use any audio app with the modular audio chain, turning your iOS device into a new module for your system.

For example, you could use it to bring the Moog Filtatron into your modular or Boulanger Labs’ csGrain.


  • It uses the iOS jack input to access the Line out and Microphone input.
  • It has two independent audio inputs with attenuators that mix down to a mono line which is then sent to the iOS device through the microphone input.
  • It has 2 audio outputs that are the device’s Left/Right Line Out.
  • Each of these channels has an independent envelope follower with level and decay knobs and was designed with the intention of using Sequencer Apps to sync with the modular or even sequence modular occurrences.

Pricing and availability info is to come.

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