Sound Magic Releases Neo Harmonic, A Hybrid of EQ & Harmonic Exciter

Sound Magic has introduced Neo Harmonic, a hybrid EQ/harmonic exciter that they say ‘opens a new direction for EQ’.

Here’s what they have to say about Neo Harmonic:

There’s an EQ theory called “Yin and Yang” which says that adjusting one band will automatically influence the others. Neo Harmonic takes this theory to a new level by not only boosting/cutting the selected frequency, but also exciting the harmonic partials of that frequency, extending changes throughout the whole audible frequency band.

The result is a unique sound which traditional parametric EQs would be hard pressed to achieve. Neo Harmonic will give you a fuller sound, with more detail and clarity than is possible with a traditional parametric EQ.


  • ‘Harmonic Excite’ Technology
  • Custom Curve Shape enables users the define their own harmonic curve to achieve unique sound
  • Super Wide Bandwidth adjusting range gives users more controls on final sound
  • Sample and hold function enables users to analyze an audio signal first, then hold its harmonic information and apply to another audio track
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution

Neo Harmonic is available now for 49 EUR. See the Sound Magic site for details.

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