New Multitimbral iPad Sound Module, WaveSynth Pro

Crimson Technology has introduced WaveSynth Pro – described as an “easy and full-fledged musical instrument app specialized in performance”.

WaveSynth Pro is a wavetable, 16 multi-timbral synthesizer application for iPad. It offers 128 preset sound tones and 1 drum set, defined by General MIDI specification.

WaveSynth Pro has 2 modes:

  • “Performance Mode”: Playing 2 layered instruments. 4 presets stores each instrument and various parameters.
  • “GM Mode”: Recommended for playing GM compatible MIDI files. Instrument and parameters of each part can be edited, and performance of each part is also displayed.

WaveSynth Pro supports CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interfaces for 16 channel MIDI Input / Output.

Here’s the official intro video:

Unfortunately, the intro video uses on-camera sound, which makes it tough to judge the sound quality of WaveSynth Pro.


  • 128 preset sounds and 1 drum set defined by General MIDI specification
  • Performance Mode / GM Mode
  • Touch Velocity Supported
  • Pitch Bend Change Control
  • Portamento On / Off
  • Mono Mode On / Off
  • Reverb / Chorus / Delay Effect
  • Supported CoreMIDI compatible MIDI Interfaces
  • 16 Part Multitimbral

WaveSynth Pro is available now for $2.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used WaveSynth Pro, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “New Multitimbral iPad Sound Module, WaveSynth Pro

  1. Not a bad General Midi sound module – but I couldn’t find any patch editing options – calling this a WaveTable synth is a gross misnomer.

  2. It’s like Roland sound Canvas…good GM module….bad midi player…. It’s impossibile to load midi files, you must use midi out! It’s not a Synth!

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