New Mac Synth, Dazibao, Lets You ‘Draw Your Sound’

Hervé Noury has released a new Mac software synth, Dazibao, that is designed to let you ‘draw your sound’:

I finished a project called “Dazibao”.

My objective was to create a music synthesizer easier to program than a modular system, but able to create complex evolutions of the sound also. In the same time, I was working on a correspondence between the colors and the sound.

Dazibao is a free app and is available via Noury’s site.

via bedroomproducer


7 thoughts on “New Mac Synth, Dazibao, Lets You ‘Draw Your Sound’

  1. The AU plug-in to play sounds is free…the sound editor is not. To actually edit sounds requires a $28.99 purchase from the Mac App Store…

    1. Not sure if ‘all the developers’ are making visual synthesis tools, but it’s hard to do something new with subtractive synthesis. Everybody wants to buy cheap virtual recreations of vintage synths that they can’t afford. I’m glad designers are at least trying to do something new.

  2. I think there is a large element of people who became aware of synthesis through their iphones and ipads perhaps and rather than bothering to figure out the basics of subtractive methods, have been looking for a different ways of making interesting sounds on their devices. I think this wave of ‘drawn sounds’ apps is a response to that need. I don’t see the usefulness myself or a real need from the synth community for these types of products. That’s my two cents anyways.

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