New Semi-Modular Synthesizer, The MEM PALette v2

Magic Echo Music has announced that it is taking ‘pre-orders’ for the PALette V2 – a semi-modular analog synthesizer that updates the original PALette.

Here’s what’s new:

The functions are mostly identical to the original PALette, the synth we love to make.

The changes in V2 are realized through the notable improvements in circuit board design and manufacturing.

We are proud of the improvements, as all PCB mounted hardware are quality parts and the build is durable and reliable for touring. We added internal compensation for room temperature, so that the voltage controlled oscillators are in tune wherever you are.

PALette V2 uses matched transistors so that you get improved tracking with external 1v/octave CV keyboards, and we moved the patch panel to the front, making an accessible interface with 1/4? cables.

 The MEM PALette v2 is available for pre-order for US $785. See the MEM site for details.

6 thoughts on “New Semi-Modular Synthesizer, The MEM PALette v2

  1. This is a great synth. I have number 3 of the first batch of v1. It is so unique in it’s sound and every time I use it I am reminded of how much I love it. I was really excited to see this post, thinking that they had made something brand new but alas I am kind of relieved that there isn’t another new toy to save up for. The new version does look great though and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes their synth sounds bold, punchy, wild and metallic. Bass-y and loud also come to mind.

  2. Duke, would you mind opening it up and check the if there are MFOS-pcbs in there?
    It sure looks exactly like stuff from Ray Wilson on the outside…

  3. @pak
    From PALette homepage:

    “PCBs and manufacturing by MEM. Some designs are based on OTA datasheets, modified schematics originally available from MFOS, and the KORG MS-20 filter.”

    From picture above it looks like LFO, ENVELOPE, besides blinking leds, are exactly like MFOS SoundLab. VCF sounds and looks like that found in SoundLab also, but this is not directly connected with MS-20 filter (same OTA, different topology). VCO’s have some modulation options added.

  4. It sure looks nice, but not very different from other offerings out there and certainly there doesn’t appear to be any unique features. Still, none the worse for that – simple modulars make some great sounds. However, I found most of the sound samples on their site tedious and uninspiring. I’m not going to listen to a bass drone for seven minutes without mind-expanding substances.

  5. Totally agree that the sound samples are useless. I talked with the designer before buying and she said that some plans are based on an MFOS designs but that this borrows equally from the MS-20 and her own modifications to the results as well.
    I don’t know, there is just something exciting to the sounds of this board. It’s unlike anything else I own. I often use the patching to bypass certain stages though too and incorporate my other gear to the mix.

  6. I have a PALette V1and I can create fantastic sound effects, but not a single useful “nornal” sound such a bass, a pad or a lead sound. Does anybody have any patches to share? Please?

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