Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass On Vintage Gear

Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass meets blurry cam synth porn in this video from K X.

Details on the video:

This is my imagining of what circa ’98 era minimal tech step drum ‘n bass may have sounded like had it been invented before modern samplers and digital synths / fx.

All the sound is being generated live, coming straight from the main mixer in the middle, with no multitracking. Sequenced by 3 vintage hardware sequencers, the Yamaha QX-1, Roland MC-4 and Roland MC-8 locked together by tape-sync.

Gear used:

  • Sequencers : Roland MC-8, Roland MC-4, Yamaha QX-1
  • Modulars : Roland System 100 (Drums), Moog series 900 (pads), Roland System 700 (Basses), Arp 2500 system, Buchla 100 series.
  • Other Synths : Korg MS-20, Roland System 100 standalone synth.
  • FX : Roland Space Echo RE-501 (tape delay, chorus, spring reverb), Roland DC-30 (analog chorus-echo), Roland Dimension-D Analog Chorus.
  • Mixer : Tascam M308b

14 thoughts on “Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass On Vintage Gear

  1. I can’t believe I have a favorite part, but at and around 3:53 and 3:55-ish there are glimpses of two or three hangers in the back with hundreds of carefully color sorted patch cords folded neatly and waiting to be plugged in. Those poor cords don’t even get their own close-up but they make everything possible!

  2. bloody marvelous, would be a good DnB tune anyway but knowing it’s made on all that lovely gear is even better. I’ve got the odd nice wub out of my Prophet but this is taking it to another level altogether. Great job! I

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