Free Music Friday – Downtempo Music From Echoraum

Reader Kim Culetto tipped us off to the music video, and a free EP, by independent Swiss producer Echoraum.

Echoraum’s EP, You Are The Enemy, features 7 chilled downtempo tracks.

You can preview You Are The Enemy with the official music video, below, for Stasis.

You can download the EP here (.zip at Mediafire).

4 thoughts on “Free Music Friday – Downtempo Music From Echoraum

  1. Now who is who’s enemy and why?
    When did a problem arise where there wasn’t any before.
    & Also, You should try showing love towards your enemy.

    1. LOL! Like most videos, this was an excuse to have some naked people writhe around to music. But I enjoyed the music just fine.

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