14 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Demo

  1. I only want to know why you would refuse a halo
    I like halos, there should be halos for everyone
    if only the flesh wasn’t so weak
    Christ in heaven it’s so sad.

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    • That is very poetic. ;-)

      Clearly “Halo Refuser” is an anagram of “Asher Folero,”
      and he must have rejected the alternatives (“Euro Flasher,” “Horse Earful” etc.)
      for a reason. Maybe he just doesn’t like the game “Halo.”

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  2. This box lacks musical character like most of the modern monophonics. Oberheim’s SEM might be twice as expensive, but it sounds a million times nicer.

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  3. Am I missing something or does the Minotaur only have one timbre/sound? Not hearing much actualy tonal variety…

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    • Spot on! The Minitaur has always sounded to me like a stock, plain, out of the box 1970s synth bass. Nice, but it’s everywhere and not interesting anymore. If this synth didn’t say “Moog” on it, nobody would give a damn.

      … and this guy’s demo is just wanting around. Even for dub step it’s not in the groove.

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      • I can’t see complaining about an analog synth that’s actually affordable – especially one as good as this. There’s not a lot of competition in the $500-600 price range and this blows away analogs from a few years ago, like the bass station.

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        • The Arturia Minibrute blows this little piece of fanboy crap out of the water.

          The only thing this has going for it is the – ALL HAIL MOOG FILTER :/

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          • …Although I have no experience using the minibrute…..since it hasn’t come out yet. but i just like to talk straight from the anal cavity…

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