Eowave Persephone Mark II With The “Métallique” (Sneak Preview)

This is a sneak preview of the Eowave Metallic Resonator prototype, inspired by the Martenot Métallique.

In the video, it is demonstrated with the Eowave Persephone Mark II.

Maurice Martenot created an early electronic instrument, the ondes Martenot, that sounded similar to a theremin, but was controlled by a unique keyboard that allowed for traditional keyboard playing and also expressive pitch glides that the theremin is known for.

Martenot expanded the sonic capabilities of his instrument by running it through unique resonating speakers. These speakers add their own resonances and coloration to the sound, so they are part of the ‘sound’ of the instrument.

8 thoughts on “Eowave Persephone Mark II With The “Métallique” (Sneak Preview)

  1. I listened to the whole thing. It’s just 3:13, but it sounds like the entire soundtrack from “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” It sounds cool, but basically it’s just a pressure-sensitive ribbon controller, isn’t it? I’m guessing there’s not a lot this can do that an iPad running a granular synthesizer app can’t do. But it was very evocative.

    1. The Persephone is the only Ribbon instrument I know of that can take 2 fingers, you can actually make chords on that thing.

      I think its a great instrument, albeit overpriced, there’s a lot of other things I would get before I would throw 2000$ on the Persephone (which is the prices its selling for in Montreal, with taxes). I got the simpler Eowave Ribbon instead, it can’t make chords but still its great 🙂

    2. Just to clariy – the Persephone is the ribbon instrument and is already released.

      The Métallique is used as a ‘diffuseur’. As I understand it, this is a gong-like speaker resonator that is being used with the Persephone to create the metallic type sound effect.

  2. The difference between this and the Eowave ribbon to me is that the Persephone is an instrument, and meant to be played that way, ie violen, Minimoog, or piano. The ribbon is a controller, used to interface with an instrument like a modular or a computer. I believe the cost is fair, because it’s a finely made instrument, and still cheaper then a mini old or new.

    Still, one can use either Eowave as an instrument or a controller. I guess it’s up to the musician to decide if it’s worth it.

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