Linplug Albino 3 To Be Discontinued, Rob Papen Offers Crossgrade To Predator

Sound designer Rob Papen has announced that Albino 3, his collaboration with Linplug, will be discontinued at the end of 2012:

As you might know, a few years ago I asked LinPlug do build a custom synthesizer, with my specs and ideas added…. and last but not least my presets added.

Since a few years I formed a own team with Jon Ayres (RPCX) and together we build some great products which I also fully can backup.

The other products reflect far more the direction I wanted to go (sound wise and feature wise).
Therefore I decided to stop this product which was build in conjunction with Linplug.

We offer cross grade to Predator. So in case you do not own Predator yet, but own Albino, you can contact us.

Papen says to contact them via his site.

via aymat, kvr

16 thoughts on “Linplug Albino 3 To Be Discontinued, Rob Papen Offers Crossgrade To Predator

  1. Its very gracious of Rob to do this. That’s part of why his synths remain popular. They don’t have as big a name as Moog, but they sound great and hold their own well as part of that “second tier” of solid tools that just “happen” to appear in a lot of setups. Rob designs well, but he’s also clearly a synth fan who treats his customers like fellow fans. That’s a great feature not everyone offers.

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    • It sounds more like Papen wants to get all your money, instead of splitting it with LinPlug.

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    • I think it depends on how MUCH the cross-grade costs. The inference that Papen is being greedy doesn’t quite ring true, IMO. Coding takes a LOT of time; you have to decide where to expend your time and assets, same as with anything else.
      Also, to address the digs at both hardware and software… c’mon, both are transient. Hardware DOES tend to last longer, but it’ll croak, same as software will become outdated. The way I chose to address it was to buy Autosampler. I’m saving everything I have as EXS24 files. Its about 95% successful. Yes, you lose a bit of the immediacy of a live analog synth, for example, but you can build and layer samples deeply with Autosampler. Very “touch-sensitive” patches are easy to create. I’m finding the bulk of what matters the most to me is being saved from my beloved, dying old workstation. For every problem, there is a fix; for every “bad” synth, there are 20 that are smokin’.
      You guys are partly right, but partly mistaken, too. This realm has a lot of headaches, sure, but if you focus sensibly, its bloody great, too.

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  2. At least he announced the discontinuity of Albino. The developer of Sylenth1 has also abandoned his synth but he didn’t say a thing.

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  3. Okay !
    Then, if it’s a dead software without any more support, Rob should sent it to open source abandonware for those considering it deserves to be maintained.
    No ?

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  4. I don’t own it, but it seems to me that Albino is a quality software instrument. Why not just keep selling it, or sell of at a bargain price? Something else is going on behind the scenes, I suspect.

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    • Probably to force people to buy Predator. Or, maybe it’s an artistic ego thing: “The other products reflect far more the direction I wanted to go (sound wise and feature wise).” He doesn’t want a “shameful” reminder of what he’s all about now.

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  5. Oh well, Albino isn’t about to evaporate from my hard drive on the arrival of such news. It’s a good synth as is and if no further development is forthcoming, them’s the breaks. Software products tend to come and go – we should enjoy them in the now.

    I take consolation from the fact that Predator, which I’ve been using for a fair while , is as super-duper a slice of soft synth as its unpigmented forebear and gladly anticipate futher development. If Rob plans to pursue Predator to his financial betterment, then fair play. Developers of his calibre deserve to be well rewarded and it’s not as though Papen products are overpriced.

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  6. Open source? Lol open to me. This means we can torrent the crap out if it all we want now guilt free?

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