Sequencing Software & Hardware With Genome Sequencer

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This is a quick tutorial, via jimmclaren1, that demonstrates his approach to MIDI sequencing both hardware and software synths using Genome Sequencer on the iPad.

Technical details below:

Using network MIDI, I’ve connected the iPad2 (running Genome/Arctic Keys/BS-16i/NLog Pro), to an iPhone 4 (running Sunrizer) and an iPod Touch (running Arctic Keys).

Also, via an iRig MIDI connector on the iPad, am sending a MIDI signal to a Moog Little Phatty as well. Can you believe this all works! I have a pretty strong WiFi signal, so the iPhone/iPod Touch work well and there isn’t any discernible latency.

Presumably I could run my other iPod touch as well, with a compatible virtual MIDI app. I also have a MIDI splitter box, so the idea of sending to more MIDI hardware is also a idea (or by chaining with MIDI THRU).

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