DIY Banana Synthesizer – The BananaPhone

From the stupidtacular department comes the Bananaphone – a DIY touch-capacitance banana-controlled synthesizer.

Here’s the Bananaphone in action:

YouTube Preview Image

You can substitute other strange musical control devices for the bananas, if you like. See the DIY guide at Gadget Gangster for details.

via adafruit

5 thoughts on “DIY Banana Synthesizer – The BananaPhone

  1. I haven’t heard it myself yet, but people tell me the Roland Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 can emulate a touch-banana so perfectly that you can’t even tell someone isn’t touching a real touch-banana.

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  2. Love this! I want to see it paired with a series of wired up chile peppers, and maybe a couple melons for some low end.

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