Sound Transter Systems Intros The Critter M-Class Module

Sound Transter Systems Serge M-Class M-odule

Sound Transter Systems has introduced their latest M-Class m-odule, the Critter.

The Critter is designed as a ‘gesture to the “East Coast Synthesis” school paradigm (Mr. Moog, et al), as a stand-alone entity, but it really comes together when partnered with the “Creature” for the full gamut meeting of “East & West” stylings’


  • 1 – Precision Oscillator w/ linear FM and 3 simultaneous waveform outputs, precise 1 v/oct tracking
  • 1 – VC Time Gen Oscillator w/ variable wave form symmetry, ASR envelope & LFO functions
  • 2 – X-Faders (4 VCAs) for VC Mixing and stereo spatial rendering
  • 2 – Muti-pass Filters – one with VC ‘Q’ and trigger input and one with VC Slope (18 db cut-off)
  • 1- Smooth & stepped generator for muti-faceted CV and audio generation and processing
  • 1- Dual Timing Generator for AR & ASR envelopes, Bi-wave out VC Osc, LFO bi-polar output Env follower

The STS Critter has an ‘Introductory price’ of $ 1,600.

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