The Producers (Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Lol Créme, Ash Soan) Do Two Tribes Live

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Off Topic: The Producers – a producer ‘supergroup’ that features Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Lol Créme, Ash Soan – do their version of Two Tribes.

The Producers’ Made In Basing Street is out on June 25.

via mrholymoly:

We were filming The Producers – a supergroup comprising of Trevor Horn, Lol Créme, Stephen Lipson and Ash Soan – when discussion turned to Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s immortal Two Tribes, specifically whether Mark O’Toole of the band played the full, extremely difficult bassline live or not.

And then, these incredible men who have made some of the greatest pop records of all time, played Two Tribes – the record they originally produced, engineered and played on. And here it is.

PS. That’s Julian Hinton on keyboard.

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