Two New iPad Sound Design Apps, Voco & Strange Attractor

Developer Jonathan Mackenzie let us know about his two new iPad apps for sound synthesis and manipulation, Strange Attractor and Voco.

Strange Attractor (App Store link) is a novel sound generator and effects processor based on chaos theory. At its heart is a feedback system which can spontaneously oscillate, or respond to incoming sounds, processing them into fractal sonic textures.

It generates a wide range of undulating sounds, controlled by touch, which slowly evolve in unpredictable ways. The sound is visualised as an ever-changing dynamic form.

Here’s a video preview:

Voco is a touch controlled phase vocoder.

Sounds can be manipulated by touching the screen, and played like like an instrument. Time is represented on the horizontal axis, and pitch on the vertical. The yellow bars display the sounds intensity.

Sounds can be sampled through the microphone or headphone socket, or loaded via iTunes.

There are also features to constrain the pitch to different scales, and to glide the playing point around the screen to make rhythmic loops.

Here’s a video preview of Voco:

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