Richard Devine On The Analog Voodoo Effect

The latest in I Dream Of Wires‘ series of interviews with electronic musicians looks at Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine.

Devine has released records on Schematic and Warp Records, and is the creative force behind his own sound design company, Devine Sound. Though he has contributed sound design to a number of hardware and software manufacturers, he recently released his first official sample library through Sony Creative Software.

For years, Devine was focusing on computer-based DSP processing. In recent years, though, Devine has discovered the “analog voodoo effect” of the Eurorack modular format.

All music and sound in this video is by Richard Devine.

I Dream Of Wires is an upcoming documentary on modular synthesizers. You can find out more about Devine at his site.

One thought on “Richard Devine On The Analog Voodoo Effect

  1. I find modular synthesis beautiful when I look at other people making that physical connection with their instruments. I haven’t been able to adapt to that mode because the many wires and cables give me a headache, I already have enough trouble with a line-in mixer (!).

    Richard’s videos over the years have inspired me — seeing him demonstrate many a piece of esoteric equipment to make the alien sounds (which he’s often associated with) was really a touchstone for me to get more involved.

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