Rhythm Studio Updated With New FM Synthesizer, FM 3

Developer Pulse Code has announced an update Rhythm Studio, its virtual studio for the iOS:

The fourth update includes the addition of a powerful three operator FM (frequency modulation) synthesizer, the FM-3.

The FM-3 has been designed to allow maximum results with minimal effort. The complexities of FM synthesis have been simplified to allow you to create great sounds right from the start.

In addition, we are adding a help link within the app to a full set of online tutorial videos. The video tutorials touch on all the major aspects of Rhythm Studio. From navigating the song browser and its options to interacting with all of the virtual synthesizers and other audio gear in the workspace, the video tutorials will help you learn Rhythm Studio faster.

Rhythm Studio is $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Rhythm Studio, let us know what you think of it!

15 thoughts on “Rhythm Studio Updated With New FM Synthesizer, FM 3

    1. …as if the OP1 didn’t draw design inspiration from a ton of other devices already in existence.

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      1. If this new synth actually imitated the OP1 in any ways other than visual aesthetic I’d see the point. As is, calling this a ripoff of the OP1 makes no sense. Not to mention, as the other commenter said, it wouldn’t matter much anyways.

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      1. cmon guys. not an op-1 fanboy but they took an old concept and brought it back with class and quirkiness.
        this app just tries to profit from the crowd not willing to dish out for the hardware and rides the “op wave”. the designer of the app aesthetically obviously copied the feel of the op. there is no excuse for that creatively and certainly shows lack of ideaa. if it were an original gui design, the app would probably be more credible. whatever though. this forum is getting ugly seriously.

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  1. The FM-3 module sounds pretty good imo and is exactly what I wanted. 3 oscillators doesn’t sound like much, but it covers a lot of cool FM sounds and fits well with the app’s philosophy of small devices.

    I’m also digging the OP-1 homage. I really like this app and the frequent updates. The only thing I can think of now is perhaps a LinnDrum module.

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  2. I don’t use this app much. The synth/drum modules don’t sound all that fantastic, they’re ok, but nothing great. Also doing everything with the crappy step sequencers is a bit of a pain. When you’ve got things like Nlog, Animoog, Sunrizer and Nanostudio at your disposal, why play around with this thing? I really only purchased it for 808, 909 and 303 sounds, which it just doesn’t do all that well. I guess it’s kind of a fun toy, and you can make some somewhat decent electro tracks with it.

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  3. I got it for the different machines, but they are not that fun to play with.
    The TB303 and R8 are not good (though I don’t want those sounds anyways)
    Other modules are a little better, but not really on the level.

    It’s incredibly fiddly to create a pattern: you need to a step at a time, but OTOH you can change every single parameter at each step, which is cool.
    Rotary knobs are also hard to tweak. It gets frustrating.

    The FM-3 is actually quite good, it has decent sound.
    The looks is as much Casio hommage as OP-1 ripoff.

    In all an ambitious app, which has had two substantial updates in a couple of months.
    But I don’t use it. Maybe better on Ipad?

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  4. Oops, sorry, I thought I was replying to Casini thread… 😉
    Rythmsttudio is and always was iPad friendly 🙂

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  5. Rhythm studio rules. Though I have two semi-germane questions:

    1. Why can’t anyone seem to make a decent 6-op FM app? It’s not rocket science… is it?
    (Yes, I know it’s actually signal processing ;-p)

    2. What the heck has happened to synthtopia? This page is full of all kinds of pieces from other posts!!

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  6. Sorry, apparently I had inexplicably turned on “auto-pagerize” in Safari, which causes it to go mad. 😮

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  7. I love this app, but am not the most learned person on fm synthesis. Can anyone explain how the fm-3 modele works? particularly the DUSA.

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