Variations II Of Variations II

Reader Jay Kim sent word of a new audiovisual installation, inspired by John Cage:

Variations II of Variations II is a kinetic sculpture inspired by John Cage’s Variations series.

Cage’s Variations II is a graphical composition that generates musical events using measurements of distance between dots and lines on a piece of paper.

In my realization of Variations II, the instructions for the piece determine the behavior of rotating panels and images synchronized to be projected onto the sculpture. Motors drive the rotation of the panels, and are used as a sound source for the audio portion of this piece.


2 thoughts on “Variations II Of Variations II

  1. That was awesome. Some of the things done with Projection Mapping these days is just incredible. Take a look at for more. My only complaint is that I wish the audio was a bit louder. I’m sure it comes through great when you’re there, but watching the video it took me a while to figure out why this was called an AUDIO-visual installation.

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