JoMox Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker (Video Demos)

Jomox Moonwind analog filter tracker

Boutique synthmaker Jomox has posted a series of demo videos for their new Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker.

The Moonwind Analog Filter Tracker is a true analog stereo filter, with built-in step sequencer, an FX chip, 2 LFOs and envelope modulation. Everything is storable and controllable via MIDI.

Here’s a demo, featuring an XBASE 999 fed into the Moonwind, stepping through presets and editing them. Later it is midi synced from the 999 and some sequence capabilities and pattern presets are shown.

The next video shows the evolution of a Moonwind sequence.

Sound and clock source is an XBASE 999. The Cutoff and Q/Resonance are edited by knob movement and single step editing.

The final video takes a look at Moonwind preset editing.


  • Two real analog low noise multimode filters
  • OTA technology *
  • Per filter Q (narrowness) and Resonance are separately adjustable **
  • Per filter the shapes lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch are assignable
  • The filters are connectable among each other ***
  • Per filter there is one LFO which controls the cutoff ****
  • Per filter there is envelope amount, the envelope is created from the audio with an analog envelope follower
  • Inputs are Hi-Z and can amplify guitar or bass signals directly
  • Digital effects chip with 15 algorithms
  • Analog FX Feedback in order to create tape delays and wave guides
  • Three parameters per FX algorithm
  • The effects programs include chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, delay and some more exiting programs
  • Eight effects programs can be reloaded by OS update later on
  • Built-in noise generator
  • Sequencer can record Cutoff, Q and Res seperately per step and filter
  • Maximum 64 steps per pattern
  • Maximum 16 steps per bar (then max. 4 bars), bars can be dynamically set according to the number of steps per bar
  • Clock divider can resolve max. 32th per bar
  • Record/undo function to record filter trails by the rotary knobs
  • Sequencer and LFOs are midi clock synchronizeable
  • Midi notes control the cutoff of the filters, CCs the rest of parameters
  • Cutoff, Q and Resonance are made as classical potentiometers
  • Stable metal axis potentiometers and encoders with axle bearings
  • 2×24 character LCD display
  • OS is updateable by Midi

* Operational Transconductance Amplifier, i.e. it is no transistor ladder (Moog filter) as in the T-Resonator. Therefore excellent vibrational performance across the entire audio range from 10Hz-30kHz is provided.

** If Resonance=0, then Q=max creates an extremely narrow-banded filter without getting into self-resonance (sine wave oscillation). If Resonance>0, then also Q>0 has to be set to make the filter resonate.

*** Stereo, Parallel (both filters mixed to mono), Serial (both filters in a line), Feedback (a part of the output signal is cross-wise fed back into the other filter and vice-versa) and Feedback Parallel ( the same as feedback, only that both sides are mixed together)

**** LFO waveforms are: sawtooth up, sawtooth down, triangle, sine, rectangle 50/50%, rectangle 12.5/87.5%, rectangle 25/75%, rectangle 75/25%, rectangle 87.5/12.5%.

See the JoMox site for details.

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  1. This is great, but I hate the layout so much! It looks like someone threw up a bunch of buttons and knobs on the face of it. It just looks like no real thought went into the layout. Otherwise very cool.

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