seqSQUARED: The Analogue Pattern Generator

seqSQUARED is a unique module, now under development as an indiegogo project, for Eurorack analog synthesizers. It is an analog pattern generator/sequencer expander, and serves as a great accompanyment to an array of sequencers of any length.

Technical Features:

  • Analog pattern generation/sequencer arrangement + combining up to 8 steps of sequences long (with 4 sequencers as sources)
  • Professional eurorack panels available in kit and pre-made form
  • Analog style user interface that feels right at home in a modular synthesizer
  • Internal voltage-controlled clock divider (works with sequencers up to 64 steps in length as sources)
  • “Chaos” feature, which can add randomly tested probability that the step picks a random sequencer’s note data instead of the one you have programmed for that step
  • Fits in 26HP eurorack space with easy to assemble kit (or premade)
  • Requires a +/-12 or 15V analog power supply (consumes ~50mA)
  • Accepts standard 0-5V CV and gate signals

The project is already fully funded. See the project site for details.

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