Program for MoogerFooger Synth, Taurus 3 and Theremin

Sunday Synth Jam: This live synth performance, Program for MoogerFooger Synth, Taurus 3 and Theremin, takes a voyage to the world of Berlin School & space music.

Technical details below.

via Rhythmicons:

The CP 251’s LFO is the heart of the time driven events in this program. It is driving the rate of the Sequencer, the sample and hold that is sent to the MF-101 filter, and is being lag processed and controlling the pitch of the Mf-107 Freqbox. Noise from the CP is also being processed by the 103 Phaser.

The q119 is modulating the pitch of the Mf-102, creating a melody, that is fed to the VCA, to the 104z Delay and to the board. The q119 is also firing gates to the envgen which is controlling the vca.

The Voyager is taking a nap in this piece, but is midi controlling the Taurus Pedals. The touch surface is activating the sequencer.

The Theremin was obviously a lacking overdub, but I was in a hurry to finish this program so I could rip the cords out and start over.

Cp251: Lfo squarewave multiplied: 1. Lagged, sent to Freqbox Freq In. 2. Sent to q119 to control rate. 3. Sample and Hold to MF-101 Cutoff Frequency
Noise source sent to phaser, Phaser output to board.

Q119, 1×24 stage sequence modulating the freq input of the mf102. Gate output to Envgen.

MF102: Audio to VCA then to delay then to board.

Voyager: Midi controlling Taurus 3, Touchscreen

6 thoughts on “Program for MoogerFooger Synth, Taurus 3 and Theremin

  1. Funny, I just now saw these comments.
    I had a lab coat because I needed it for anatomy classes and labs so it had a legitimate scientific purpose.
    With this video I wanted to simulate a doctor evaluating a patient with a stethoscope.

    If you notice I enter one side of the frame and exit the other side like some old classical traditions, and my transparent doppelganger did the same thing, albeit from opposite sides.

    In 2012 I had never seen or heard of Atomic Shadow, but because this is a small world, we have connected through other social media platforms and I am an admirer of his work and his approach.

    Thanks for the kind words!


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