Monome 2012 Edition

monome 2012 has announced the monome 2012 edition:

solid quartersawn black walnut, just under an inch thick. edge to edge aluminum and recessed rubber feet. lights in yellow, full sixteen step variable brightness per light. integrated tilt sensor. mini usb cable.

ordering begins this friday june 15 at 1pm EST. 50 of the 256, 50 of the 128. arcs forthcoming.

10 thoughts on “Monome 2012 Edition

    1. How does offering inexpensive DIY kits and embracing clones like the Arduinome into the community not offering low budget options?

  1. The thing just looks so gorgeous, thats my first thought when looking at any Monome. I have no idea what the first commenter is thinking.

    My brother did the windows version of Monome serial, as well as lots of other Monome related software/reaktor ensembles, so I got a chance to play with it a lot over the years. It’s really fun and super high quality.

    There are lots of inexpensive options for grid controllers out there. The Monome is sort of like the Rolls Royce of the bunch.

  2. The programs and the monome it’s self are some of the most innovative and imaginative tools I’ve worked with. I don’t know of very many “Boutique” instrument manufacturers who offer do it your self kits or offer a stunning myriad of free applications to accompany it.

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