14 thoughts on “Get Started With Rack Extensions In Reason

    1. Too much than what? VSTs? Too much than iOS apps? Can’t buy a dozen at once? So far the big name like soft tube are selling their code less that their VST version. Should some be cheaper? Always cool for the consumer, but to say without much explanation why you believe everything is too much is missing a cool argument.

  1. there is an interesting post on the kvr by a developer:


    it´s actually a funny thing. term “appstore” actually had people expecting itunes prices. wont happen tho and actually considering PH 30% cut it could get more expensive even.

    ideally one should get a RE along with the vst, rtas and au versions when purchasing anything. that also wont happen. the more i find out about it the more this thing seems difficult to buy into. it will be a cash cow for PH tho. good for reason users. others not so.

  2. I’ve been out of the loop for a while so haven’t kept up with all the latest developments.

    I think Propellerhead has made the right choice here because in the end they need to secure an income. And you can’t expect people to continue to buy your software until the end of times. So expanding on your product range makes sense to me. Heck; most companies I’m familiar with have been doing that; from Ableton’s “Partner instruments” right down to newer versions of existing NI products.

    As to the high price tag.. Not too sure I agree there. For example, take a look at the ‘FET compressor’ plugin here:

    It’ll go for E 99,- which I agree is a tad expensive. But if you take a look at the original product here:

    …you’ll discover that you can pick that up for “just” $219,- or roughly put E 180,-.

    Now, obviously the big difference is that you can use the ‘full’ product in any environment of your liking whereas the Reason plugin is tied into Reason. However, IMO that is also reflected in the pricetag. I think the bigger issue here is that with Reason you’re tied into a limited amount of extensions whereas with other DAW’s you can basically use whatever you want; including lots of freebies.

    I wouldn’t like the “lock in” myself but I can sure see that this is a huge development for Reason users.

    Slightly offtopic though… It is developments like these which make me appreciate developments such as ‘Max for Live’ and ‘Reaktor’ even more. I admire the ‘risk’ which Ableton took (or takes) when it comes to M4L by basically allowing its fans to build their own devices and effects. Especially for a company which also runs a ‘device store’ so to speak.

  3. I like the preview option – I the iOS store had this and that you could do it with VST’s.

    It addresses the price question. You can try it and buy it if it’s worth it to you.

    1. I also really wish you could try IOS apps before buying them, but then how many crap apps you wouldn’t have bought if you could’ve tried them before? 😉

  4. So far, I like the concept behind REs… there just aren’t enough options available yet. I NEED MOAR!!!! More instruments, especially acoustic stuff like believable clavs, guitars, horns… seriously good sounding stuff that competes with Kontakt or modern hardware workstations. As of now, reason lacks realism in those departments. The new piano RE is OK, but not great (still much better than the crap presets they already had tho)…

    I think those of us who have already upgraded are a little disappointed. The new version of reason doesn’t really come with anything new.. what you are paying for is the opportunity to buy stuff from another shop. That kind of stinks, just sayin.

    1. > what you are paying for is the opportunity to buy stuff from another shop.

      Uh…the upgrade was free so what the hell are you talking about?

    1. Yeah, it looks like they are switching to FL Studio business model which means do some minor updates to the piano roll for free and then all the instruments and plugins cost money. When was the last time a new instrument or effect was bundled with FL Studio as part of the “free lifetime updates”? Haha. Luckily the REs are better than Image-Lines stuff, half of which doesn’t even work on OS X.

  5. …just thinking… Radical Piano is now Version: 1.0.1
    ..what about version 1.0.2 1.1.0 etc – so far no word about if that update will be free or a little fee will apply…
    …it would be nice to know in advance …

    best wishes to REASON users…;-)

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