Bibio – Sampling In The Garden

Sunday Synth Jam: Bibio’s Sampling in the Garden.

The first half of the video captures the sampling and tweaking and the second half demonstrates the results.

Here’s what mrbibio has to say about this:

Sunshine in England is precious, so when the weather is fine it feels sinful to be cooped up in a studio, I’m very lucky to have the choice, so why not choose?

When the weather is fine, I like to take a few bits of gear outside and enjoy being creative in a different environment, plus there are all sorts of other sounds to explore outdoors, and in this case, sample.

A quick video of me making beats entirely out of recordings of objects found in the garden. No previously recorded samples were used.

Capturing sounds with a vintage Sennheiser MD-21 microphone, then using the EMU SP1200 for its inimitable fidelity, then resampled and sequenced on an Akai MPC 5000.

Videoed by me on a Canon 5D mkii.

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