Free Analogue Synthesizer Sample Collection

Reader Tomislav Zlatic (Bedroom Producers Blog) sent word of a free analog synthesizer sample collection, BPB’s Mini Analogue Collection.

Mini Analogue Collection is a free library of analogue synthesizer samples in Kontakt 5 and SFZ Format. The samples were recorded from five different analogue synthesizers, including one quite rare Soviet drum synthesizer:

  • Korg Delta
  • Korg Poly-61m
  • Korg Poly-800
  • Solton Project-100
  • Lell UDS

The pack includes 125 drum samples and 9 multisampled instruments (with an addition of two Kontakt 5 Multi Racks).

Here’s a demo video: for the free sample collection:

Download at the BPB site.

3 thoughts on “Free Analogue Synthesizer Sample Collection

  1. You had me at “Soviet drum synthesizer” but … I’m kind of more into single-cycle waves because samples of whole patches just make me lonely for the actual hardware.

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