Nomad Factory Magma Packs 65 Effects Into Virtual Studio Rack

Nomad Factory has released MAGMA, described as ‘next generation’ audio effects processing plugins for Windows and Mac.

MAGMA’ Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) technology is like putting a Reason effects rack into your DAW. You can stack interchangeable effects in infinite combinations, all in one plug-in.

Here’s a video introduction to Magma:


  • MAGMA is a Virtual Studio Rack host that allows you to combine an infinite number of audio effects all in four racks.
  • Includes 65 custom plug-ins that each have their own unique flavor.
  • Drag & Drop the effects to any rack position in MAGMA by clicking and holding.
  • 4 Virtual Racks.
  • Flexible Routing Matrix.
  • Presets Browser Window.
  • 600+ Factory Presets Included.
  • Serial Number Autorization (Up to Five Computers, NO Challenge/Response, NO dongle).
  • Effects Categories include:
    • Amplifier
    • Analysis
    • Cabinet
    • Delays
    • Distortion
    • Dynamics
    • EQs
    • Filters
    • Generator
    • Harmonic
    • Modulation
    • Reverbs
    • Special
    • Utility
  • Interchange racks freely
  • Flexible routing matrix

The Magma suite for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS, AAX coming) is available now for US $199.

16 thoughts on “Nomad Factory Magma Packs 65 Effects Into Virtual Studio Rack

  1. What a breakthrough design concept. Racks and racks of virtual modules that can interconnect together. I can’t wait turning the rack around and patch a feedback loop just for the fun of it…

    Oh wait…

    1. Audiomulch! 🙂 It may not load in a daw but it’s easy enough to route audio and MIDI between programs nowadays.

      The cool thing about Audiomulch is that it’s interface is extremely well suited towards a computer. I find it kinda ridiculous that we are still expected to flip around the back of the “rack” in this day and age. What’s next, virtual patch bays that you have to wire up to get access to all your controls in the front? 🙂 Hopefully, the computer will take care of labeling all the connections for us. 🙂

      I’m downloading the Magma demo, because it might work really well inside Audiomulch!

  2. The only problem with your sarcasm (despite the fact they seem to think their tech is “groundbreaking” lol) is that Reason isn’t something you can use in other DAWs, so the racks are exclusive to it, this product gives you Reason capabilities on other DAWs so thats kind of cool, I guess… ; )

    1. My sarcasm was based on 2 things : the groundbreaking use of the whole concept from them of being groundbreaking and the fact that it would seem hard or impossible to be creative with the wiring. This is just version 1 but i hope they would give the opportunity to create feedback loops from one unit to the next in version 2 for example. Then this would truly give any DAWS Reason capabilities, not just serial or parallel patching.

  3. Propellerhead software are in for a hard time I think. Although they opened up the Reason environment a little by allowing 3rd parties to contribute they still keep things locked in. The only way you can get Reason to ‘talk’ to other environments is by using it as a ReWire slave. Which, as a side note, I think made more sense when Reason was still a “virtual rack” of its own (Reason 4) than now; where Reason has come closer to being a ‘real’ DAW than ever before. IMO a ‘real’ DAW should also be able to support the ReWire host mode.

    I can fully understand why Propellerhead took this approach; this allows them to generate an income from both developers who want to support the ‘Reason platform’ as well as the customers who buy into all this. If you allow, say, Reaktor or Max to join the party you’re bound to miss out on a lot of revenue. Still, whether this approach is for the better or worse is something I can’t comment on.

    But developments such as these are bound to make their lives harder. I don’t think a “mere” mixture of audio effects will cut it. But if Magma also manages to bring in some quality synthesizers then there could be trouble…

  4. This is a great suite of effects! They sound good, they’re easy on the CPU, and I have been able to come up with some pretty cool, quick effects combinations that totally transform the sound into something unique. You can easily lose hours getting sucked in. Just about every effect you’d need is in here. Great tools to enhance any recorded sound, and my favorite: making crazy sounds by experimenting with different effects combinations.

  5. imagine the automation parameter list for something that contains 65 effect modules!

    Seems a nice one-stop shop for someone getting their first DAW, couple of soft-synths and this and you’re sorted.

  6. Not a bad product, unfortunately the product demo guy “Taylor Martyr” is an all around epic fail. Him doing this demo is almost insulting to the product itself, He has about as much technical expertise as Paris Hilton trying to explain Side-Chain compression to NASA scientists…. what a shame

  7. Aw come on man, why do you have to go hatein’ on Taylor like that? I think it’s refreshing to not have a guy stuffed into a suit who looks like he’s never used the product, reading cue cards. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know how the guy presenting has anything to do with how cool a product is…. just sayin’

  8. Anyone have try it the Windows 32bit version?

    It works to you?
    My system show the Rack, but it doesn’t show no one effect and i don’t can choice or rescan nothing!

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