Synapse Audio Intros Three Rack Extensions For Reason

Synapse Audio has released three new Rack Extension effects for Propellerhead Reason:

RM-1, above, is a virtual-analog ring modulator with a unique soft-saturation characteristic. Both an internal oscillator as well as mono and stereo side chains are available as a modulation source.

The AF-4 is a virtual-analog lowpass filter module, based on the well-known transistor ladder design. The filter can be driven into a warm, musical saturation, as well as into self-oscillation. Additionally, the resonant tuning is correct across the entire frequency range. The filter can be toggled between a 12dB/oct and 24dB/oct lowpass response, and supports both mono and stereo processing.

Full integration into the Reason enviroment and workflow is provided by the CV Inputs on the backside, allowing to control all front panel parameters.

The Synapse DC-2 dual chorus offers a warm, sweeping stereo chorus effect based on a classic two-stage design with matched delay times. Sound parameters include the delay time, modulation rate, depth and a bipolar feedback control.

The delay time, modulation rate and feedback parameters can be controlled via CV Inputs on the backside.

5 thoughts on “Synapse Audio Intros Three Rack Extensions For Reason

  1. Cool but is anyone going to release any synth REs or what? I mean the Reason synths are already pretty badass but it’d be cool to get a FXP or u-He synth or two.

  2. Software developers need to stay away from the term analogue. AnaLog is at least more accurate in it’s nomenclature, but is still BS. Why don’t they just call it a digital filter, if they feel so safe in this medium?

  3. Doesn’t matter!

    This is very cool to see all of these teams collaborating together to create this new musical Masterpiece Studio 😛 I think this is only the start of something much much bigger and rewarding for all of us 😀 Music

    The main message

  4. these were the only devices in the propellerhead rack extension store that I was a bit iffy about price wise (I mean the filter costs the same as fxpansion etch red which is more fully featured). however upon trying them out over the weekend I must say that they are all absolutely amazing sounding.

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