The Standuino fraAngelico Arduino Synthesizer

The Standuino fraAngelico is an 8-bit PWM digital synth, built on the Arduino platform.

It does not use any D/A convertor, but the sound is generated by \ one digital output pin using Pulse Width Modulation. Resolution of this technique to achieve different voltage levels is 8-bit, but in the true essence the output form the synth is just 1-bit because the output pin does jus 1 or 0 which makes distinctive digital character to its sound.

fraAngelico features:

  • size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
  • MIDI input (MIDI Through by special cable)
  • 5 knobs
  • 3 switch menu buttons
  • 4 big performance buttons
  • 1 volume knob
  • grain synthesis
  • true digital LFO
  • envelope
  • 8 presets (4 user, 4 factory)
  • input voltage: 9V
  • Jack 3.5 output

The fraAngelico synth is available a kit for 50€, or assembled for 100€.

10 thoughts on “The Standuino fraAngelico Arduino Synthesizer

  1. [cheeky alert:] At first I thought it sounded like a really good quality shortwave radio– then I got a look at those sweet gold knobs!!

    [non-cheeky comment] Does make some kind of interesting noises for a noisy synth. I’d be curious how it responds to incoming MIDI notes– i.e., can you play melodies on it? For a moment there, I heard the sound like the synth line in “Nightlife Baby” by the cars. Could be a fun lil’ toy. Also if I was making a short retro sch-fi film, this might be a useful source for “malfunctioning ship” sounds.

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    1. yep! on the lowest octave of a normal midi keyboard it “stores” the sounds you can achieve with the 4 standard buttons, but in the other octaves you can play melody lines! check out the demo with the korg nanokey on the website!

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  2. INteresting concept the digital output. The synth can be used for some usefull noises and it’s worth the price

    There are more videos, this one with a midi keyboard.

    But I warn you, if you have a cat move him out of the room before play the video, I have scratch on my face.

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  3. I just want to tell that Standuino offers no customer support at all. I bought the frauangelico, which is based on this synth. My unit was not functionning and they never replied my mails, although I was using an address that I know is valid (we talked about why my unit was shipped late). I would recommend to NOT buy from them because if you have a problem with your gear they will simply go mute. I was just stolen 100€ by these dishonest folks.

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  4. well sorry that happened to you but I bought a kit fraangelico has standuino and I got it quickly (about 8 days) for delivery from Czech Republic to France, and I assembled without problems, and it always still works without any problems and I love it, I will never sell it because his sound is unique and has very particular grain, he is EXCELLENT for the melodies too !!! pure crazy synth !!!

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