Create A Dubstep Instrument In Ableton Live (Exclusive)

Andrew Apanov from XSSR Academy let us know about this new tutorial on creating instruments in Ableton Live, as an exclusive for Synthtopia readers.

In the video, XSSR’s Alex Mars demonstrates how to create your own instruments in Ableton Live.

Even if you’re not into dubstep, the tutorial is a useful look at creating custom instruments in Live.

You can also download the mega pack, mentioned in the video, at the XSSR Academy site.

6 thoughts on “Create A Dubstep Instrument In Ableton Live (Exclusive)

  1. Not really interested in the ‘free’ goodies since IMO these aren’t really free (subscribing to a mailing list without even so much as a promise that my e-mail address won’t be distributed to 3rd parties isn’t for me).

    But I think the tutorial is pretty decent. It gives you a very good insight as to why Operator is one of my favorite Live instruments; the critter is so darn versatile…

  2. I like Live for performing and for making dj mixes, but the instruments just aren’t for me. Operator is ugly and clunky. Don’t get me wrong you can use it for this type of thing, but no thanks. Ableton should really work and making better stock instruments, I’d probably use it more.

    1. Yeah, always had the same chain of thinking. I also felt that Ableton, like Cubase, is good for people who have somekind of instrument, also. A «real» one or a midi keyboard, for example.

      Now, a DAW like FL Studio, for example, I feel that no one needs to have anything, really. You can simply go to a instrument / vst, piano roll, built blocks and sequence them.

      Maybe that’s the reason why so many people like FL Studio. I think it’s built to be accessible to anyone, really. That’s what I think. And I’m not a great fan of FL Studio, to say the truth. I think it needs to be revamped and a cleaner design, such as other things.

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