Yamaha Synth Arp & Drum Pad For iPad

yamaha synth arp and drum pad for the iPad

iPad Music Software: Yamaha has introduced Synth Art & Drum Pad – a new virtual studio app for the iPad.

Synth Arp & Drum Pad is an iPad app with arpeggiator and drum pad that lets you play a built-in synthesizer or any connected MIDI device and produce music with phrases having ‘an abundant variety of musical styles’.

Here’s a quick video intro for Yamaha’s Synth Arp & Drum Pad:


  • Software Synthesizer
    • Choose from 61 high-quality voices from a variety of instruments including 7 drum kits.
    • Cutoff, resonance, attack, release, and portamento can be adjusted with the knob control. Setting tonal qualities is easy.
    • Reverb, chorus, and variation effects can also be applied individually.
  • Keyboard Arpeggiator & Scale
    • Choose from 342 arpeggio patterns from a variety of instruments.
    • Control the swing, note length, octave range, and other characteristics for each arpeggio phrase in real time.
    • Select and change the scale being played. That allows you to use Touch Control Function and you can modify the sound by sliding your finger vertically or vibrating your finger horizontally on the Keyboard.
    • The velocity can be changed depending by adjusting the strength of the tap on the iPad screen, or use the ribbon controller displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Drum Pad
    • For each of the 16 drum pads, you can assign 5 notes at a specific velocity which allows you to play chords with one finger as well as multiple percussion instruments.
    • Separate notes can be assigned to the left and right sides of a pad along with their velocities for more intricate performances. The velocity can be controlled by the strength of the tap on the iPad screen.
    • You can also use the built-in step sequencer of each pad, to easily create a rhythm track.
    • The Learn function can be used to easily assign a chord to a pad using the keyboard displayed at the bottom of the screen or using the keyboard of an external MIDI device.
    • There are 64 user templates that can be customized and saved.
  • MIDI Loop Sequencer/Recorder
    • Overdubbing enables the blending of various layers of sound in one recording.
    • In addition to standard recording, you can also record loops of varying lengths.
    • Quantizing and recording speed can be adjusted, and a pre-count can also be set.
    • It can be stored up to five songs.
  • Ribbon Controller
    • Use the ribbon controller to change velocity, pitch, and assignable parameters.
  • Other:
    • This application is Core MIDI compatible. Wi-Fi communication possible with Yamaha MOTIF XF (body version 1.2 or above) Alternatively, use the MIDI Interface i-MX1 to communicate with all MIDI devices.
    • A USB Wi-Fi adaptor, sold separately, is necessary for Wi-Fi communications.

Synth Arp & Drum Pad is available (or coming soon in some countries) in the App Store.

27 thoughts on “Yamaha Synth Arp & Drum Pad For iPad


    So friend of mine was looking for a macbook pro and i said why. He is like “well I drive all day long because of my business and when in the car I would love to kill some times with reason and a nanokey” Yes I told him I gave you the reason virus, but in this particular case I believe an iPad would fit better for those quick fun need while at work. “No! I need the full power of everything” he told me… So he got a used 3+ year old macbook pro for 600 euros 24 hrs before they announced the new 2012 models a few days ago. What a fool.
    I love reason AND I love my iPad for fun apps like this.

  2. ipad is what one makes it to be; it certainly need not be a toy.

    yamaha, the company that once put out the great dx line of synthesizers is now making groovebox apps?

    i motion for yamaha to hire john chowning to design an ipad synth of his liking!

    1. I dunno. I already see the direction where the Figure is heading more useful addition to iOS synths than this. I’m not totally sure, but this looks like too little too late; every one already have similar but better software than this. Changing the key of your sequences in real time in the Figure might become very useful very soon. It already is massively fun, but you just cannot save the cookings. If only they would add at least one more track and open up the synth engines, it would be dynamite!

  3. The demo makes it seem similar to GarageBand. The software does look “user-friendly” and capable of making conventional sounding music with standard scales, modes, and meters.

  4. It looks like it gives you a much (if not all) of the functionality of their still pretty nifty ry30 drum machine. As a MIDI sequencer/controller it looks pretty cool and powerful too. I think you could do a lot by using the pads to trigger sequences and tweak them in real time. I hope you can record or import MIDI into those drum pads.

    If Yamaha reads these, port the a5000 sampler to iOS next! It still has great creative effects and can make powerful synth sounds with just the built in waveforms.

  5. I bought this already because I was close to making an app with similar features. The chord pad idea really works for me. It’s easier than trying to use a miniature keyboard especially for those of us who don’t know their chords that well. Couldn’t get the arp to work as a midi controller and I hadn’t expected it to just be preset patterns. A grid would have been more useful for me. Would like to see more chord based presets too.

  6. Hi
    I am one of user of your application ,( yamaha synth & Dr pad ) iOS app for iPad ,for 3 years. I use this perfect app every day for creating my songs.
    For about 2 or 3 weeks, I do not see this software on the App Store.
    And I’m so upset about this. Because this app is very useful for my projects.
    And I do not have access to developers of this app .
    Can you help me for contacting with developers of this app.
    I really need to this app. Please help me.


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