Ableton Live 64-Bit Beta Now Available; Here Are The Details

Ableton has announced that a 64-bit version of Live is now available as a beta version.

The 64-bit version of Live works with PCs running Windows Vista/7/8 (64-bit) and with Intel-Macs running OS X 10.5 and up.

The 64-bit version of Live 8 does not support Max for Live, video, or The Bridge. We are currently working with our partners to add support for these features.

Here’s a summary of what the Ableton Live 64-bit update means for users:

The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to how much of your computer’s memory (RAM) can be used by applications. The 32-bit version of Live (like all 32-bit applications) can use up to four gigabytes of RAM, which means that it may not be possible to use very large sample collections or very memory-hungry plug-ins.

In contrast, the 64-bit version of Live can use a theoretical maximum of 16 exabytes of RAM – much more RAM than computers actually have. This means you can work with Live Sets (natively, with third-party plug-ins, and in ReWire configurations) that are much larger and more memory intensive than in the 32-bit version. You are no longer restricted by the 32-bit memory limit; only by how much RAM you have installed in your computer.

Several Live knowledgebase articles are available to address FAQ’s:

Download the beta at the Ableton site.

The release version of Live 8.4 will be available later, as a free update for registered Live 8, Suite 8, Live Intro or Live Lite 8 users.

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15 thoughts on “Ableton Live 64-Bit Beta Now Available; Here Are The Details

  1. Wow, that’s interesting timing indeed given all the news about Bitwig lately 🙂 Either way it is great news for all Live users (including me woohoo) :).

  2. It’s good news!
    Except that now I can’t use it to score videos.
    or use 32-bit vsts.
    Or max4live until they fix that.

    1. Its a Beta! They have said they will add the other stuff as they go along, they need to get the core 64 bit fnctionality sorted first.

      Its also a free update

      They must have some big new for Live 9 if they cqn do this as a free incrimental!

    2. Most of the major VSTs have been taunting me with 64-bit versions for ages. If your favorite is not available in 64-bit you can look at jBridge to cram 32-bit VSTs in there.

    1. I guess it is only a beta, and unfinished by nature – so we can install the 64-bit one beside the current release until they finish it. I’m more worried that they didn’t say they were going to do anything about lack of 32-bit vst support.

  3. does anybody even make music anymore? , or do people just follow companies now and play soap opera to which one is better then the other. bitwig isn’t even out yet and people are sweating it.

    make music ,
    no one cares what you use
    and who is better
    shut the f up!

    1. if you dont like reading this why you came here? you must know such product news always have some talk about what product is good for someone what reason its bad for others, pros e cons, etc all the typical stuff. its about investment in your talent, so it is music in the end.
      i cant make music 24 hours a day, (specially trippy techno beats where i am always trying to randonize stuff and trying to discover new paths, so there is some error and trial that you always need a break), so in the spare time of daylife, day job, studio, i like coming around to read news product reviews etc to search new things for my setup, studio gear.
      this is good for my pocket and some reading is good for my mind

  4. Of course this is released right after I picked up Max on sale. Oh, the torment! Actually, I find the irony extremely funny. Patience, my son. 😛

    All in all, good news.

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