Oxium Performance Synthesizer For Mac, Windows

Oxium synthesizer

XILS-lab has introduced a new ‘performance synthesizer’, Oxium, for Mac & WIndows.

Oxium is designed to be a performance oriented synthesizer, offering ‘awesome real time modulations capabilities, allowing you to play a synthesizer in ways you could never have imagined’.


  • Classic instruments: Use up to 8 Xils-lab thick and musical oscillator wave forms per patch and shape them with the double filter structure. The main unit uses Xilslab 3rd generation zero-delay feedback filter with self-oscillation in each mode while the second offers a vocal formant mode in addition to high-pass, band-pass and low-pass modes.
  • Modern instruments: In addition to the cumulative waveforms LFO there are three D-ADSR envelopes, Oxium includes the Xils-Lab Le Masque modulator, with many additional features. It has now 16 freely drawable zones, horizontal and vertical quantize modes, two level parameters and you can save, load and exchange your patterns.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Oxium interface is based on a new “Flower” design and IVF (Instant Visual Feedback) concept. “Flower” design for the oscillators, filter, LFOs and glide blocks means that you can understand the structure of a whole block after a simple glance (IVF), making Oxium fun, fast and easy to understand and to master. In addition, all the modulations are all handled in a central page, with additional easy knobs, including usual musical gestures per patch.
  • Serial only protected: Oxium is protected by a simple serial, without the need of any hardware dongle or chalenge response.
  • Two skins to fit with your mood

Oxium is available now for €69.00.

8 thoughts on “Oxium Performance Synthesizer For Mac, Windows

  1. Very Interesting indeed.

    ?/ Is there a demo to play with, it seems quite fascinating and i would love to hear / try it out !

    Also, got me time to beta test it if needed..

    1. I like how there’s one asshole who always “dislikes” a post regardless of the fact you’re posting helpful information.

      Way to go, guy. Why don’t you dislike this post too since you’re obviously one of life’s winners. I’m pretty sure I know who it is too. Go ahead. You know you want to.

  2. I have tried this monster in FL Studio and it barely makes a sound, sadly it may be because its too CPU intensive but still… For what I did hear, its a freaky beast 😀 Very kickass

  3. Just tried the demo. Immediately liked it. I wonder how the sound architecture compares to the other Xils lab synths.

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