Tek’ It Audio Intros Genobazz Pro Synthesizer For Windows

Tek’it Audio has released Genobazz Pro, a ‘pro’ version of their monophonic synthesizer plug-in for Windows:

Genobazz Pro is designed to be as simple to use than Genobazz but with more control over your sound, better filters and a more effective modulation system to create a new range of sound for your music.

Here’s a set of audio previews for Genobazz Pro:


  • 14 Waverforms and 11 Filters
  • Oscillator modulation envelope
  • MSEG or LFO on each rotary controllers
  • Velocity control on almost every parameters
  • Chorus and bass boost effects
  • Full MIDI automation support
  • Easy MIDI learn on all parameters
  • Use 7-bit MIDI Continuous Controller or High resolution 14-bit MIDI NRPN and RPN
  • Maximum MIDI pitch bend range selector
  • Preset manager, rename, copy, save, load…
  • Undo your changes to initial preset value
  • One click randomize for all parameters
  • 204 Factory presets
  • Up to 128 user presets per bank
  • Comes with a comprehensive user manual
  • Easy installer

Genobazz Pro is available now for Windows for US $49/39 EUR.

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