Arturia Intros ‘Next Generation’ Analog Classic Software Instruments, Drops Pricing

Arturia has released ‘Next Generation’ versions of its Analog Classic line of software instruments.

Ten of Arturia’s most popular Mac and Windows software instruments have been updated, with 64-bit compatibility, improved MIDI options, better performance and more.

Titles include:

  • Oberheim SEM V
  • Jupiter-8V
  • Prophet-V
  • RP 2600V
  • Mini V (formerly Minimoog-V)
  • CS-80V
  • Modular V (formerly Moog Modular V)
  • Wurlitzer-V EP 200A electric piano software emulation
  • Analog Laboratory software synthesizer workstation
  • SPARK Vintage Drum Machines

Arturia has also dropped the pricing – all ten titles are now US $99.00/€99.00 EURO, about half their previous pricing.

See the Arturia site for details.

10 thoughts on “Arturia Intros ‘Next Generation’ Analog Classic Software Instruments, Drops Pricing

  1. Glad to hear this. Always wanted Arturias’ instruments, but whenever I plan to get one the effort is toppled by a student loan bill. I would eat the ass of a dead dog for the Moog Modular or the Jupiter.

  2. Looks like Arturia lost the rights to the Moog brand, since both virtual incarnations were stripped of the famous name.

    I would have loved to see higher UI resolutions, especially the panels of the cs-80 and the jp-8 are pretty hard to read at times.

  3. Looks like the pricing updates haven’t made their way to Arturia’s site yet. Prophet V and Jupiter are both showing as $249. I’m all over Prophet V @ $99. Is there a special link or something?

  4. This is great! Really glad to see the pricing update, and it’s what companies are going to have to do to remain competitive now. I’ve got the Jupiter, Prophet and Modular and really like them all. Picked them all up on a 3 for 1 sale last summer. I also have the spark software, which is a nice way to have all the old boxes in one easy to use application.

    1. Awesome. I picked up Prophet V. (Of course, now the download link isn’t working for me, but I guess I’ll figure that out at some point.)

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