Propellerhead Figure Update Adds Save, Audio Export & The Stuff You Wanted

propellerhead figurePropellerhead today updated Figure, its iOS beatmaking app, adding the most requested features.

Here’s what’s new in Propellerhead Figure 1.1:

  • Save, browse and load song files
  • Set length of loop (1,2,4,8 bars)
  • Export audio to iTunes File Sharing
  • Better recording. Tap record and then draw on the pad to start your recording. Or just press Play.
  • Performance and bug fixes

The update is free. Figure is $.99 in the App Store.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the update!

33 thoughts on “Propellerhead Figure Update Adds Save, Audio Export & The Stuff You Wanted

    1. Why no ACP, in a native app it’s dead easy to implement, especially if they already have the file in iTunes. I’ll give them the code if they need it, you only need use apple converter functions to get the file to 44100Hz and then use all the standard code that is provided in the ACP SDK

  1. So because one feature is missing its a fail? WTF?Quit whining and work with what ya got man!For $.99 you have a tool that a few years ago would have costs hundreds and you’re complaining?! I’ll give you an easy workaround-jailbreak your device with Absinthe(takes about 5 minutes) then use ifile to copy and paste the exported audio files to any other program. Piece of cake yo

    1. One might think that the childish “whaaa!” would be enough to hint that humour of the irony category was involved in the OP, but no.

  2. Sorry dudes, this is a 99cent app that requires you to take a few minutes to import a few bars of looped material into your daw or,if you want to use said material in other iOS daws you have to use filesharing to bounce it back into your device! It’s an app made by a reputable company that can well afford the time and development needed to simply take a few minutes to add Sonoma audio copy and paste. Further it has scant few samples, most of them generic and not very tweakable, this what real use does it have? It’s only a cheap app, what’s the big deal? Hardly an exciting pro app like nano studio or the recent triqtraq is it?

  3. While I was initially disappointed with the Figure, I noticed a couple of features, that were not only very fun and fast to use, but also VERY useful. Especially the changing the key of your sequence in real time. As far as I know, there isn’t a soft synth that could change the tonality of your own sequences in iOS.

    Waiting this long for having such a rudimentary update, such a very basic features that should have been in there in the first place, is very disappointing, as well as worrying, though. I at least expected to have either some more synthesis features(or all of them) or(and) one more track. When this update took this long, I’m afraid that the world or human kind don’t exist long enough to get those features.

    Its worth the money though, of course.

  4. actually i enjoyed the app in the first version already. i can hook it up to some recording device and can create pretty cool loops which have stellar audio quality, for what it is.
    not every app needs to be “full daw” to be “professional”. what does that mean anyway.
    i dont see me “professionally” arranging tracks in garageband using audio copy paste, or whatever. way too fiddly. ipad is a great controller, or platform for experimental apps, but daw replacement it isnt.

  5. So, how many have actually played with this app since 2 days after downloading?

    Initial impression still holds: It’s one of the best sounding synth apps, BUT there is no way to make it sound different from anybody else of the 100K downloaders doodling it.

    BTW, there’s no charity involved here, Propellerheads are making money from this app.
    99c times 300K downloads is still $200.000, make no mistake.

    1. I haven’t played it since the first day, since I made too fucking great sequence, and I didn’t want to mess it up before I can save it.

      And yeah. More or all synth features open asap. And one more track.

  6. this is good news – and again it should be very obvious what ph is doing and its clever ofcourse.
    doing such incremental tiny upgrades is good again to stay in the minds of the consumers and not be forgotten. saving patterns will make this usable.

  7. Like the update, can’t wait for what they implement next. It isn’t perfect, but easy enough to have fun and inspire ideas, without much work.

      1. Wrong again. You will find I am consistent in my replies, my handle, my email, and my IP. so I won’t be too difficult for anyone to figure out who I am compared to you. Moving along…..

  8. hmmmm this is for kidz….. gonna put this app in my 4 years old dauhter folder to play with … not gonna use it πŸ™

    worst app ever πŸ™‚

  9. Nice new features! What I’d like to see in the next update is the ability to record, save and export an arrangement. Recording key changes through the song begins to open up real song writing possibilities, especially if it could be combined with multiple pattern selection too. Great app just go a bit better:)

  10. Again! It never fails! Every time there is a post regarding Props and their product people can’t help but talk about them in good or bad. Genius marketing. 20+ reply already for a 99c app.

    I love the props for that.

  11. The app is as good as your imagination/talent. I have used it for scoring a number of short indie films – I could have used a more sophisticated setup, but challenged myself with just using Figure, and it worked out great. It would have made life easier if I had the current update (8 bars et al.) but I recorded in real time to an attached Tascam recorder and sound quality was superb. This is a 99c app – think back to when this level of creativity was a small fortune, and be grateful that you can afford it. Sure, not perfect, but it will improve and don’t confuse it’s imperfections with your lack of creativity.

  12. I think the most people here loves Figure only because it comes from Propellerhead, it has not a real utility is a cheap game, nothing more.

  13. I love the app from day one but was disappointed that u can’t save. Now that you can, I am very happy. I wish there is an option to choose fade out or not in the saved song. I want a non fade out song so that I can loop smoothly on my iPod.

  14. No more WIST support in the new version? Why? No more option to email file?! Its weird when they start cutting features that were usefull. Anyone knows what happened?

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