Five Keytar Tips From Lights

Valerie Poxleitner, aka Lights, offers five tips on how to make the most of a keytar:

  1. Take good care your keytar. Airlines will bust them up, if you’re not careful!
  2. Name your instrument. Your keytar instrument! You’ll take better care of it.
  3. Translate your keyboard parts to the keytar – don’t just try to play what you normally play on a keyboard.
  4. Consider ‘quirkifying’ your part.
  5. Make the most of the on-board capabilities – sounds, beats, etc. It’s not a shoulder piano!

Bonus tip! Make sure you understand the difference between a MIDI controller keytar and one with built-in sounds!


18 thoughts on “Five Keytar Tips From Lights

  1. More of her now please, but hand her a proper synth. Of course, she could be talking about her secret recipe for butternut squash ravioli and I’d still be enthralled, what a little cutie.

  2. She’s the reason Keytar prices have become keytarded.

    And seriously, you can play a keytar’s keyboard with two hands, look at sonata arctica!

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