Sex-Tone – ‘A Truly Magical Feat Of Audio Engineering’

Get ready to jack in and turn on – with the Sex-Tone synthesizer – modestly described as ‘a truly magical feat of audio engineering.’

The Sex-Tone is a hand-made, mono-phonic, analog synthesizer, built and designed by Eli Meltzer, aka Smoov-E.

More importantly, it’s got one of the best video promos we’ve ever seen for a DIY project.

12 thoughts on “Sex-Tone – ‘A Truly Magical Feat Of Audio Engineering’

  1. Yeah so the aliens from THIS ISLAND EARTH sent this guy the parts to build an interocitor and he built this instead. Cool!

  2. Whats up with u peeps and srillex?

    I’m dillex the one and only and I wobble harder and don’t look like a goth fag

  3. Answers:
    1. No, it’s way more simple than an APC;
    2. You either take old stuff apart until you find a 44 uF capacitor, or connect a 3 uF and a 41 uF capacitor in parallel;
    3. A few milliamps;
    4. You disconnect the battery.

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