10 thoughts on “Universal Audio Apollo Review

  1. its hard to wrap my head around futuristic space ship audio interfaces that run 9 million plugin instances when im having the most fun in awhile making beats on park benches with dinky ipad apps.

    1. While I think that having fun is an essential part of music-making, I’m afraid you missed the point of this “futuristic space ship”.

      The Apollo – and high end AD/DA converters, preams, etc. in general – are in no way directly connected to the fast, mobile beat-making you are refering to. They are professional tools for a studio environment, be it professional or semi-professional.

      My point is: if you only want to make some music for the pure fun of it, you don’t necessarily have to wrap your head around such devices. But if you want to make a more professional approach towards audio engineering and audio recording, you will find these space ships very appealing 😉

        1. I didn’t mean to be condescending. I’m sorry if you perceived it that way.

          Again: making music should be fun. I was simply stating the purpose of such devices as the Apollo.

  2. I think its pretty incredible how far UAD has come. I remember buying my first UAD card back when Mackie was still distributing them and I hammered the hell of my UAD-1 before upgrading to a UAD-2 system last year. There is a lot of longevity in all of their products and can only imagine that the Apollo is no different.

    I see the Apollo as a perfect marriage of an audio interface and DSP system for their plugin suite. Plus the ability to monitor live and to use it as a full on virtual mixing board via the interface is just fucking awesome. From what I’ve read on the UAD forums there seems to be a hinting of a possibility for a new Windows mobile solution that could be either be a windows friendly UAD Satellite version or a scaled down mobile friendly Apollo version. And being a musician on a budget, that would be most welcome.

    1. Currently, the UAD platform exclusively features effects plugins. I once read about the possibility of an UAD synth plugin, but to be honest, I like the puristic focus: high-quality studio rack hardware simulated in a small box (in case of my Satellite).

  3. This looks awesome! I hope they release a smaller version with less in-out hardware at a lower price-point or I will have a hard time getting the thumbs up from the wife.

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