10 thoughts on “Free Synth Drums Sample Library

      1. This is actually the case with the Electribe Gorillaz edition, you have to by a special license if you want to sell the songs created with it.

    1. It depends, if the samples were taken directly from a Electribe factory preset then that might be a legal issue, for instance the guy who sampled the Motif libraries and then sells them on E-Bay is probably on shaky legal ground. I think most sampled based synths come with a legal disclaimer about this kind of thing, you can use the samples in you tracks, but you can’t redistribute them as part of another sample library.

      However in this case all the sounds were synthesized and are my own original work. Never mind the fact that no Electribe was used in the production of this collection. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, sometimes zips can be problematic across different platforms. That said I tested the file on windows 7 and osx lion using the built in archive utilities and both extracted fine.

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