Inside An Analog Studio, With Canadian Producers Matt & Mark Thibideau

StudioFeed has a new interview, with twin techno producers Matt and Mark Thibideau who are ‘analog-gear heads':

The Thibideau brothers developed a love for analog synthesizers at a young age. Collecting a staple of them mostly at unbeatable prices, their studio holds a variety of gear, each having it’s own story. Both studied music in school but knew they wanted to approach music differently.

Of course these synths play a significant role in their own productions and the more portable ones make it into live performances. Take a look at their passion which just kept growing.

The interview features lots of discussion about the pros of analog synths and a few stories of scoring deals..

Check it out and let us know what you think!

via Phil at StudioFeed

One thought on “Inside An Analog Studio, With Canadian Producers Matt & Mark Thibideau

  1. I’ve seen flashier studios, but this is pretty much my idea of the perfect place to create music.

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