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Korg Monotribe 2Here’s a reader tip for users of the Korg Monotribe:

Hi, I just found out that you can sync your Monotribe to MIDI equipment using an iPhone with a MIDI interface, and thought other readers may be interested.

Using the TR-606 emulator in the Funkbox app, the “KD” drum triggers the Monotribe sync-in.

So, make a simple sequence with the KD sounding on every beat of the bar. Now your iPhone will be the master clock controlling your Monotribe. Now sync your iPhone to your MIDI equipment (I used my Korg R3) with an interface (I used iRig midi). I could only get it to work with the iPhone being the master clock.

By: Jonny

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  1. not sure how similar they are but from what you’re saying it should work the same as I’m doing for syncing my Roland Juno 60 arpeggiator to Logic directly, saving the extra step of using the iPhone.

    If you set up a send on your audio interface (presuming your interface as audio outs separate from the mains, if not you’re stuffed), have a track in your DAW that just has a drum machine of your choice – I’m using MicroTonic – with a kick drum on every beat. Instead of this track being sent to the main outs just route it to the out that is connected to the sync in instead.
    To trigger the Juno I had to play with kick drum types and particularly volume to get triggering to be reliable but once it’s setup it’s rock solid. I would imagine the ‘Tribe should work the same way.

  2. This is cool! I’ve wanted to get the monotribe, but was holding off til I could also afford the midi aftermarket mod. For anyone that has one, what types of sound can be used to activate the sync? Is it only percussion? Could you use the logic record click(klopfgeist?) or other types of sounds?

  3. Or you can use the output from any drum machine, I used a korg EMX, sent a snare out of one of the aux outputs into the sync in on the monotribe. I had to take most of the decay off, and tweak the tuning and level, but once done it synced very well. I believe I sent eighth notes. Now I have the miditribe so I no longer use the sync in.

  4. Korg has an app for midi already. It is really NOT midi just the output into the Tribes’ sync- but it works. Another thing I have used (if I want my iPhone or ipad to jam on and don’t want the Korg app open) is an old metronome. I have one with a headphone out jacks. Works PERFECT.

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